A solo exhibition at the Everard Read Gallery, Johannesburg

July/August 2017

Painting of a nude in an interior
Oil painting by Heather Gourlay-Conyngham of a figure in bed
Oil painting of two men, one nude and the other clothed by Gourlay-Conyngham
Portrait of Robin Walton, a musician and conductor by Gourlay-Conyngham
An oil painting of a reclining nude man by Gourlay-Conyngha
Lifesize oil painting of a woman dresed in lace and leaning on a gueridon by Gourlay-Conyngham
Portrait of André du Toit by Gourlay-Conyngham
Portrait oil painting of albino sisters by Gourlay-Conyngham
Portrait of photographer David Goldblatt by Gourlay-Conyngham
Portrait of a seated nude male by Gourlay-Conyngham and oned by t Tatham Art Gallery
Gourlay-Conyngham's portrait of a nude male which won the inaugural Sanlam Portrait Award Competition in 2013
Portrait of car-guard Mike Landsman by Gourlay-Conynham
Oil painting of the head and torso of a nude male by Goulay-Conyngham
Portrait of Joy with fabric of rich colours by Gourlay-Conyngham
Painting depicting siblings by Gourlay-Conyngham
painting of  sensuous reclining woman with fruit bowl by Gourlay-Conyngham
Painting of a nude woman floating in an evening sky
Nude female figure with koi fish by Gourlay-Conyngham

Portrait of Michaelhouse Chairman, Gary Ralfe by Gourlay-Conyngham
Portrait of Roedean Headmistress Mary Williams by Gourlay-Conyngham
Portrait of author John Conyngham by his wife
Maternal Mandala, 100cm x 100cm, oil on canvas